Leah Hartley is an Australian graphic designer, illustrator and creative director based in Bendigo, Victoria. An early childhood dream became a reality in 2005 when Leah graduated with an Honours degree in Graphic Design from La Trobe University. Weekdays she forms one half of Studio Ink, a creative agency dedicated to innovative brand building. Its there she spends her days doing what she loves, creating, designing and illustrating all manner of things.

In 2011 Leah began The Quircus, a vibrant and fantastical land through which Leah escapes to explore her love of illustration. Leah’s work inhabits a playful world inspired by animals, fairytales and folklore. Influenced by the graphic style, clean lines and limited colour palettes employed in folk art, she finds beauty in simplicity and employs a minimalist approach to her works using bold shapes intertwined with fine detailing.